Amateur Radio Tools: VE Member-List for UcxLog (http://www.ucxlog.org [external link])

Last updated: Sun Nov 5 16:11:59 2017
Updated every working day shortly after midnight (CET).

Callsigns included: 76676

This list can be used as Member-file for the program UcxLog by DL7UCX. It provides an up-to-date list that links amateur radio callsigns to VE districts. It is compressed in a zip-file, as this reduces the filesize by an order of magnitude.
It can easily be installed by copying the extracted file into the Member Lists Directory of UcxLog:

The latest version is always available through the following link: VE.TXT.zip (96.83 KB, unzipped: 816.56 KB)


If you have suggestions, just drop me an e-mail: MyCallSign@darc.de

73 Dominik, DL6ER