Amateur Radio Tools: OQRS (Online QSL Request) List for UcxLog (http://www.ucxlog.org [external link])

Last updated: Fri Aug 17 00:00:09 2018
Updated every day around midnight (CET).

Last changed: Sat Aug 11 00:00:08 2018

Callsigns included: 1860

This list can be used as Manager-file for the program UcxLog by DL7UCX. It will indicated whether a Online QSL Request (usually abbreviated as OQRS) is available for this callsign on one of the platforms mentioned below.
It can easily be installed by copying this file into the Program Directory of UcxLog:

The latest version is always available through the following link: MANAGER.TXT.zip (7.55 KB, unzipped: 37.41 KB)

Available features:

Projected features:


If you have suggestions or want additional sources, just drop me an e-mail: MyCallSign @ MyCallSign . de

73 Dominik, DL6ER